hello. i'm ash and this is my personal space on the internet. this website is a deep dive into my head. i'm an html amateur. i had a site on here in the past, but i had little to no commitment to it. it's a bad habit i'm seeking to change, but no promises. i'm very indecisive aesthetic wise (one look at my previous layouts makes that obvious) so things are subject to change probably. right now i'm keeping things simple around here but i'll add more graphics and stuff as i gather them up. i don't really know what im doing in terms of layout right now. sorry if this place is a little ugly right now i whipped it up in like a day
i am an 18yr old autistic girl living somewhere in the united states. i like to fill my time with drawing and video games. i also have an interest in writing and i might share some of that here. i'm interested in a multitude of media but i'll spare you the list lol. i've been doing html on and off since the end of 2021 with little practice so excuse my sloppy source code. i love gifs and graphics and i would love to share some here in the future.
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my diary for random thoughts i want to share.

10.22.23 : greetings. i had a friend come by yesterday. we played numerous video games. some good, some... not good. we started off the day with "cris tales," a self proclaimed love letter to classic rpgs. it's more of a ransom note than that. the game has stunning visuals and a beautifully animated opening cutscene but the good i have to say about this game stops there. the dialogue is unfathomably corny, i just couldn't look past it. the jokes drag on for way too long and the characterization is so direct they might as well just slap a sign on every character denoting their entire personality. i think this would be a good entry level rpg for children, but i felt embarrassed playing it as an adult, as pretty as the game may be. and this is coming from someone who finds enjoyment in actual childrens' media from time to time. i didn't make it even an hour in after i unlocked the main characters "time travel" ablitity, which just puts a huge overlay of 3 triangles on your screen showing the past, present, and future all at once. it was such a headache to look at that i had to quit. the battle system isn't my favorite thing either. it has action commands to land double hits but the animations have absolutely no windup. i couldn't get used to the timing so i ended up aimlessly mashing the A button. i think i've spoken enough about this game though, so lets move onto one of the far better ones we played. "battle chef brigade" is a beautiful brawler puzzle game where you cook food. the overall atmosphere is cozy and comforting, the artwork is stunning, and the characters are all very fun. the gameplay itself, at least what i saw of it, is fairly intuitive and addictive in both the brawling and puzzle side of things. it is a game i recommend. moving on, we also played like half of the first case of "the great ace attorney." we voice acted the characters and peppered in our own stupid tidbits of dialogue, really made the game our own. and i tore up my throat doing an old man voice. as for the game itself, it was one of the only ace attorney games i've never played. i thought it was interesting enough but my friend who has played the rest of the game isn't particularly fond of it. i'm gonna finish the game anyways because i wanna say i played every ace attorney game. i cant exactly say i finished every ace attorney game because i dropped spirit of justice on the last case... that one was definitely not one of my favorites. moving on, yes, we're still not done. later on we switched over to the computer and made a grave mistake. at this point in our day we only had about an hour left, and we wanted to download a random ps2 game. the problem with that, though, is that most ps2 games are ass big and would've taken at least 20 minutes to download. luckily, or unluckily for us, we found an extremely miniscule game. megabytes in the double digits, it downloaded in seconds. the game? one "rock n' roll adventures." booted it up, saw the data design interactive logo and screamed into oblivion. i was already familiar with the game but i forgot the title. for the uninitiated, data design interactive was a game studio known for their absolutely heinous shovelware titles. they're really bad. but finally, at last, we've arrived at our last "game." this one is "let's draw!" for the nintendo ds, a game i already had on hand because i played it with another friend. it's just a shoddy drawing application for the ds. we created some master works of fanart. since you've gotten this far, come take a look at what we made. thanks for reading.

10.19.23 : hey guys. yesterday was quite interesting. i played roblox with my friends as we tend to do. we made 2 different games on my friend's account. pickle hangout and margarinville if you're a roblox player yourself and would like to pay a visit. they're not for the faint of heart. i'm mostly joking when i say that. some might say we're a little too old to be making weird games stuffed with free models on roblox and to that i say... you're probably right. it's really funny though. at least to our warped senses of humor it is. also these games were scarcely playtested. things break. it's hilarious. oh yeah, and i just remembered i have a picture. my avatar is the funny little fellow in the middle, might look familiar to you somnium files fans out there. so, in case you were wondering why my website saw no updates yesterday, that's what i was up to. priorities, am i right? but really, i'm gonna get to site updates soon. i think im gonna work on a link page first and foremost. seems like the easiest thing to do right now lol. thanks for visiting

10.16.23 : it's been a little rough recently but i had a nice dinner today. i've also gotten some work done around here. i added a gif page under graphics and the art link now goes to my tumblr blog for the time being. i'm not sure if i'm gonna keep it like that or if i'll upload my art to its own dedicated page on here but thats a decision i think i'm fine making later. i brought my chocoken shrine back over from my old website because it's still something i'm proud of even though its not entirely finished lol. and i added a music player with some video game music i like. things are still a little barren here but its shaping up to be pretty alright. now i just need to gather up some links for a link page and find at least one piece of writing i can put under the writing page, then every link right above me here on the homepage will be functional. for the writing page, i'm not sure what i wanna put there yet. i think i'll use writing as a very general term. i want to share some fiction of course but i think it'd be cool if i made things like informative pages on stuff i like too. i don't exactly have anything on hand to put there right now though. i actually haven't written anything in a while, at least not something well put together. i do have a couple ideas of what i COULD write to put there though. so, i'm really into splatoon and i have my own backstories and characterization set up for the playable agent characters. if i could put those together cohesively i'd love to share them. right now all my ideas for that have just been tossed into a google doc. but it's something im passionate about so i shouldn't have much trouble putting that all together. i also have at least one piece of actual writing attached to my splatoon agents so if i put info about them out there i can share that too. i'm not a stellar writer but i hope someone can enjoy what i make, when i make it. thanks for reading, sorry i wrote a lot today

10.15.23 : i'm back on neocities after about a year of absence. feels good to be back, and it feels good getting a completely fresh start too. social media has only gotten worse since i left, i should've come back here sooner. i'm gonna push myself not to give up this time. i kind of have big plans for the future of this site as you can see by the links i already set up but im gonna take everything one step at a time. no point in overwhelming myself, not like theres any deadline i have to meet. and it doesn't have to be perfect or look exactly how i want it the first time around, either. i think its important for all of us to remember that our leisure activities are supposed to be fun, not perfect. so if you're pressuring yourself for not being a master at your creative hobbies, take a step back for a second. think about why you started in the first place. does your current approach make you happy? how does it compare to the reason you started? remember, you can have fun and improve at the same time. they're not mutually exclusive. and you don't have to be improving all the time, either. sometimes its good to do things just for the sake of it. just a thought. i'll stop rambling now, thanks for visiting