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what is chocoken?
chocoken (lit. chocolate dog) is a lesser known series of japanese DS games centered around chocolate animals baking desserts. well, mostly. the series includes 4 titles but only one of them, chocoken no sweets department, has been localized as "cookie shop: create your dream shop" for western audiences. cookie shop is the game i have the most experience with. i don't speak japanese so i can't thoroughly play the other entries :(

the series so far:

NDS / 2006 - チョコ犬のお店~パティシエ&スイーツショップゲーム
Chocoken no Omise - Patissier & Sweets Shop Game

NDS / 2007 - チョコ犬のスィーツデパート
Chocoken no Sweets Department - Patissier Ikusei Simulation Game aka Cookie Shop: Create Your Dream Shop!

NDS / 2009 - チョコ犬のできたてスイーツワゴン
Chocoken no Dekitate Sweets Wagon

3DS / 2014 - チョコ犬のちょこっと不思議な物語 ショコラ姫と魔法のレシピ
Chocoken no Chokotto Fushigi na Monogatari: Chocolate Hime to Mahou no Recipe

my experience with chocoken:

i first discovered the series one day when me and my friend were looking for weird ds games to play. we found the very misleading box art for "cookie shop" and thought it'd be funny, but we were in for a big surprise when we loaded up the game. the adorable graphics are very charming and pulled us in immediately. the simple yet addicting gameplay of collecting recipes and playing baking minigames actually turned out to be really relaxing, too. however, the english localization is filled with less than stellar dialogue translations... the localized game was the gateway into me looking into the series at a greater length, though, and its the only chocoken game i can actually play, so despite its flaws i am eternally grateful for it. despite its huge lack of coverage over here in the west i have scoured japanese web pages searching for more information and images about these games. somehow this silly chocolate dog game is very dear to me. i wish it had a larger english fanbase but at the same time a part of me is content just keeping it to myself.

a compilation of every chocoken commercial!