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welcome to the link page :) i'm keeping things simple around here for now. here's a little collection of interesting places you can go online that aren't here.

my roblox profile - i make weird mostly fandom related games. check them out if you dare.
spriters resource - a wide array of video game sprite rips.
vimm's lair - a site dedicated to preserving classic video games.
court records - a website for all things related to the ace attorney franchise.
objection.lol - an ace attorney objection maker. you can even open a courtroom and have a trial with your friends.
3ds hacks guide - the best (and arguably only) place for accurate and safe 3ds custom firmware and homebrew installation methods.
sekai viewer - a project sekai: colorful stage database.
inkipedia - splatoon wiki for any information you might want about the game. lore wise, gameplay wise, or otherwise.
sendou.ink - resources for competitive splatoon gameplay.
splatoon 3 gear seed checker - a tool for checking the seed of your splatoon 3 gear in order to predict what abilities it will roll.
the idolm@ster: shiny colors - browser version of idol management sim the idolm@ster: shiny colors.
hiori - an unofficial english patch for the previous link. works on google chrome only.
project im@s wiki - a wiki for all branches of the idolm@ster franchise. especially useful for english speakers such as myself who want to learn about the franchise, as most of it has not been officially localized.
glitter graphics - fun and tacky graphics for your website.
strategywiki - video game strategy guides and walkthroughs, if you're prone to getting stumped in games like i am.
more coming soon